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What We Do

SMP started as a small business operational and financial consultant, and has expanded into offering tax planning and preparation.



The most important, but frequently the most frustrating, part of running is your business is managing the books.  Let us handle this for you!  We are QuickBooks Pro Advisors, and Sarah has a Masters in Accounting, so your books will be CPA ready, even if they are currently a disaster!



Do you want to manage your own books, just need a little help?  SMP will develop a training program to get you up to speed on how to enter transactions and/or prepare yourself for tax season!



Payroll is a very important part of the small business, and compliance errors can be costly.  Let SMP manage your payroll, so you can focus on growing your business!



Small business owners typically are very busy, and are focused on growing their businesses.  Let SMP help you establish policies and  procedures to ensure consistent growth!

Income Tax

Tax laws are constantly changing.  As an Enrolled Agent, Sarah has a proven mastery of tax issues and laws for any person or entity that may have to file a tax return, and is required to complete Continuing Education on a yearly basis.

You can do your taxes yourself, or you can hire us and KNOW that they were filed correctly!



Did you get an audit letter from the IRS?  Or do you owe a lot of money, and do no not know how to pay it?  As an Enrolled Agent, I have unlimited practice rights in front of the IRS, and will help you get right!

Independent Contractors

Are you an independent contractor?  If so, you should be keeping records and will have additional tax reporting responsibilities.  Let SMP help you manage your business!

Direct Sales

When you sign up to be a direct seller, they may not warn you of all the requirements, especially as it pertains to income tax and record keeping.  Let SMP help you - either individually or through team meetings - to understand what you need to do, and how to maximize your profits!



What do you need help with?  Let us know!  We would love to help you grow your business.  If we are not the best suited, we will use our network of contacts, if at all possible, to get you the help you need!

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